Website Speed Optimisation

Website Speed Optimisation Service

What is Website Speed Optimisation?

As human beings we love speed. We have become accustomed to things moving along rapidly. The same holds in the digital world, people simply do not have the patience to deal with slow loading webpages.

Slow webpage performance will hinder your businesses’ customer base as even the most preserving of customers will go elsewhere if you are too slow. A recent study by Aberdeen Research Group indicated that for every 1 second delay in loading, customer satisfaction goes down by approximately 16%. Conversely, the study suggests that websites with instant responses experienced higher conversion rates. So, the bottom line is this – people care about your business having a fast webpage.

AstuteTechnologies a digital marketing agency in London, knows how to make your website the fastest. We use a variety of tools to test and improve website speed such as Google Page Speed Insights, and Word Press Optimisation services.

website speed optimisation

How to Test Website Speed

You can use a variety of platforms to test webpage speed such as Pingdom, GTMetrix and Google Page Speed Insights. To effectively test your Website’s speed, you will have to test its speed in different locations as the speed in different places is relative to the data bank where your website exists.

Like any scientific test, we recommend running a speed test a couple of times, as different factors could affect speed such as plugins etc. Slow web speed negatively impacts your webpage’s user experience. Factors such as not using a content delivery network, render-blocking JavaScript, having too many extraneous items in your database or caching issues. Other issues could lie with CSS, Opache, large media files, bulky code, or poorly written scripts.

Astute Technolgies has experience in the web design and maintenance industry. Our team knows exactly what to do to get your webpage speed up.

How to Optimise Your Webpage

Obviously improving your Website’s speed depends on what your page needs. We recommend some simple things though like adding a content delivery network and resolving cache issues. Coding and Javascript issues (if they exist in your case) can take time to resolve and correct.

The whole purpose of Webpage Optimisation is to create and improve user experience. People talk and word will get around about whether you have a fast or slow website. Users love instantaneous pages and given the right adjustments; your business can also have an instantaneous webpage.

Optimising your webpage speed can also assist your search engine optimisation(SEO) processes. Having a webpage that loads faster does improve your SEO ranking, making it more likely that your website will appear first in a web search. Thus, having a faster webpage is not simply about improving user experience – it also improves your company’s SEO rank!

Website Maintentance and Digital Marketing

Improving your website’s loading speed has many benefits. These benefits include improving user experience, improving SEO ranking, and attracting more customers. Furthermore, checking your webpage every now and then can only be to the benefit of your business.

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