Website Design Mistakes that Will Drive Customers Away

Website design is a crucial part of setting up a successful presence online. If your site is unappealing, confusing or cluttered, people are going to quickly look elsewhere. With so many options available at the click of a button, you need to make sure your site will give your customers the experience they are looking for.

But what is it they are looking for? The most important thing to remember is that someone has come to your site hoping you’ll fix a problem or cater to a desire. That means they are going to be impatient with websites that don’t have clear focus and easy navigation, as this makes it harder for them to find what they came for.

When it comes to website design, always have your customer in mind. Their site is about ultimately about them, not you.  Centering your design on your customer can be a revolutionary change to your approach. So what are three common mistakes of modern web design to avoid?

Missing or Unappealing Headline

Your headline is one of the first things visitors are going to see on your site. First of all, you should have one. Websites without headlines lack focus. Would you like your newspaper to print articles without headlines? Of course not. It would make it a lot harder to quickly know what the article was about. The relevancy issue is even more important online, where most people go to find quick solutions.

A headline should tell readers what you can do for them. Don’t just be generic by using slogan terms and don’t make the headline just a description of your company or a marketing cry of how great you are. Be very clear about the type of problem you’re going to fix, and viewers will know exactly whether your company is for them or not. This makes for a happy user experience right from the get go.

Random Header Image

Human beings are visual creatures. The fact web design is even a thing is largely due to that fact. If you’re going to be memorable, you need to find the right image for your header. It’s one of the first things potential customers will see and it needs to reflect that role. Naturally, the pciture should be crisp and perfectly defined (no blurry or stretched out pics, please), but more than that, it should be a clear message about what your company does. There’s nothing more confusing than a generic headline and an unrelated picture when you first happen on a website.

An impactful headline on top of a beautiful, relevant pic will be an instantly memorable feature of any website.

There is No Hierarchy Among Site Elements

Again, it is important to remember that those who find your site are generally looking for a solution to a problem. This means that they want to see a clear pathway to their destination. Take them smoothly from one area of the site to the next in a way that is rational and functional to their needs. Clearly distinct areas ordered according to a hierarchy of importance is what will make your potential customers stick around.

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