Website Design Secrets To Drive Conversions

Web Designers with Web Design Secrets

A brand’s website is one of the most vital determining factors of whether consumers will do business with you or not. While we focus our energy on making sure we avoid what not to do, we forget the best things practices to include. Relying on an established digital marketing agency like Astute Technologies ensures your website will have all the finest features. Your website is the ideal platform for you to seamlessly achieve your brand’s objectives, and Astute Technologies can help you. Our seasoned team of web developers and copywriters can design a website that defines accelerated conversions. Don’t have any website, use these website design secrets for a well-performing website. 

Make Navigation Simple To Increase Web Traffic 

The easier it is for your consumers to navigate your website, the longer they will stay on your site. Make sure your navigation buttons are visible and convenient. Aim to get your visitor to where they want to be in the fewest amount of clicks possible. Optimizing your website by making navigation easy will make your site more enjoyable for visitors. And it will allow them to support your brand without getting frustrated and leaving the site. 

Website Design Secrets To Drive Conversions

Use White Space Moderately 

White space, also known as negative space is the blank space on your website. This where there is no text, elements, blocks, images, or anything alike. You might think it’s best to keep your white space as filled up as you can. However, this is actually not a great idea. Using all your white space will make your website look messy and cluttered. It will also make it difficult for users to read your content and navigate your site. Be sure to leave blank space on your website to make the design more aesthetically pleasing.


Top Website Design In London at Astute Technologies 

Astute Technologies is a team of affordable web designers based in London. We offer search engine optimization services, web design services, web maintenance services, video services, and content writing services. 

There’s no need to settle on a mediocre website when Astute Technologies is around. We have a broad team of professional website developers, programmers, copywriters, and so much more to enhance your brand. We offer expert service and knowledgeable advice on how to expand your brand. If you’re looking for the top digital marketing agency in London, you can get in touch with us at or reach us by phone at 07368-306-267 or 02079-160-044. You can also visit our Facebook or tweet us @astutetek. Alternatively, you can look us up on LinkedIn or Instagram


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Website Design Secrets To Drive Conversions

Don’t Forget To K.I.S.S 

K.I.S.S means “Keep It Simple, Stupid” and it’s a web design secret that shouldn’t be ignored. From your web design to your content, keep it as simple as possible. Avoid using more web pages than you need, and keep your content super-concise. This is a technique our satisfied clients at Astute Technologies highly benefit from as a simple website will attract more consumers. Consumers don’t want to spend countless hours trying to figure out your website or your brand. Whether you hire professionals or choose to D.I.Y it, make sure it’s nice and simple.

Don’t Make Your Users Wait For Your London Business 

Website visitors are impatient, and that’s the just of it. The longer a user has to wait for your website to load, the higher the chances are of them leaving. Various website speed optimization tools can help reduce the loading times of your website. Also, using compressed images and videos will help keep your website’s loading time to a minimum. If you need a fast, well-performing, appealing eCommerce or WordPress website, Astute Technologies will be glad to help you. Our team of web developers is knowledgeable and skilled to deliver businesses all around London with the best websites.


Be Mindful About Your WebSite Colors 

You want to make your website look as appealing as possible for consumers to return to the site. Color plays an important role in this. Choose colors that add professionalism and suit your brand. Try to avoid colors that distract visitors from the content. With a bit of research, you can conclude what colors appeal to your ideal buyer more. 


Website Design Secrets To Drive Conversions