Web Maintenance

What is Web Maintenance?

A website in a sense, is like an engine in that once it is used it must be maintained. A good website is one that receives a few content updates to keep it relevant. An excellent website is one that goes beyond a simple content update.

Web maintenance is where website developers focus on what will keep a website relevant. This involves focusing on aspects such as search engine optimisation, website speed optimisation, targeted ads, resolving slow pages, fixing missing links, security improvements and JavaScript errors amongst others. Often, as is the nature of technology, some things may come redundant leading to maintenance being required. Thus, we recommend web maintenance monthly to avoid complications such as dissatisfied customers. At Astute Technologies, we pride ourselves on being amongst the best web designers in London. This is because we do not just build websites, we also help to maintain and improve them. At Astute Technologies, we pride ourselves on being amongst the best web designers in London. This is because we do not just build websites, we also help to maintain and improve them.


How we Do Web Maintenance

First, we review your website. This means that we evaluate the speed of your webpages, whether there are any broken links, we check for any coding errors or bugs, and then we examine what types of updates are needed. The updates needed may vary from content updates, security updates and SSL to Plugin updates.

Once we have a better idea of what your website needs, we will provide you with a list of packages. Depending on what you need, we can also offer tailor made packages to suit your specific needs. We usually do this in cases where there only specific issues pertinent to your webpage.

Web maintenance can be an integral part of a successful web-based business. Customers are happier when they deal with fast, user-friendly pages as opposed to slow pages. With our help, you can have the best website going and keep people browsing!

Web Maintenance & More

At Astute Technologies we provide other digital marketing services such as web design, eCommerce, and search engine optimisation services amongst others. Particularly in relation to website maintenance, we do more than just general security management.

In addition to reviewing general security features, we examine if your website is vulnerable to hacking or has any malware or hidden viruses in it. Once we have identified these potential threats, we will take the necessary steps to resolve them. By doing this, you will keep your clients and yourself safe from issues such as fraud and theft.

The internet undergoes constant evolution, making it a vast and everchanging landscape. To keep up or stay ahead, one must maintain their website to stay safe. The organisation of your businesses’ website can serve as an indication of how your business provides services. A well organised website will ensure the return of customers and a growing customer base.


In closing

Astute Technologies is a digital marketing agency based in London. In terms of web design, we can design websites using WordPress or eCommerce platforms. In terms of digital marketing, we focus on search engine optimisation and backlinking. In addition to these services, we can also assist with social media marketing by using Twitter and Facebook.

Furthermore, our team understands how to use well-placed AdWords and Pay Per Click services should you like to use them. Astute Technologies also has content writing services ranging from blog posts to content for service pages. Depending on your business, such features may be invaluable in ensuring success.

In addition to web design and marketing, Astute Technologies also offers web maintenance services to keep you and your website in the 21 st century. With our expertise, your website will be an immaculate masterpiece which will expand your business and take you to new heights!