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The Principles of Good Web Design

Web Design Tips From Leading Web Designers In London

So you’ve come to the conclusion that a well-designed website is a must in today’s virtual economy. Without it, there’s little chance of connecting meaningfully to modern consumers. But what exactly is a well-designed site? Maybe you can come up with a few quick examples of sites you really like; they’re inviting, easy to use and generally have a wow factor that is hard to define. You don’t know exactly why they’re great, but you want your site to be like them.

Actually, good web design isn’t a matter of pure genius or chance. Behind that sleek finish is a methodical process of applying some basic, core principles of web design we can all understand. Here are three of the most important.

Web Design Simplicity

If users have found your website, it’s probably because they have a problem they hope you will fix. This is why any business exists, ultimately. That means they are going to be happiest if your site is easy to navigate and provides clear answers to their questions. Having overly elaborate pages and a complicated user interface will lead to frustration, not conversion. So stick to the basics. Make the color scheme appealing and well-balanced, keep text to a useful minimum and make call-to-action buttons prominent so your prospective clients know exactly what they need to do to get the services they want.

Effective Content Writing

Numerous studies have shown that people approach content on the web differently from written texts in books, magazines or newspapers. They’re generally more patient and thorough with the printed word, but expect a different experience from browsing online. In fact, most people don’t actually read online. Rather, they skim the content to find relevant information. In the majority of cases, they’re going to be quickly turned away by text that is lengthy, poorly formatted or otherwise difficult to read. Focus on short paragraphs, bold letters, bullet points and simple language. Make sure it’s easy for your potential clients to find what they’re looking for. Astute Technologies operates as a content writing agency so that all your content is unique and optimised for search engines.

web design tips

White space

Good web design is about a delicate balance between elements. White space is one of them. Overcrowded pages are going to be unpleasant to the eye and seem cumbersome to read through and decipher. Make sure you alternate your text, images and multimedia with space: it will help mark the boundaries between elements more clearly and give breathing room to your content, so you can avoid overwhelming the reader.

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