Twitter Marketing

Twitter: the new fronteer of Online Marketing

Twitter Marketing still baffles even the most budget-capable companies in London. Lucky for you, we have a panel of experts with collective experience extending into a decade just to create and pivot on the perfect strategies for your brand's success on Twitter. At any given time in London, someone is busy tweeting or just scrolling through their timeline for content good enough to click and know more about what's happening around them. With us as your Twitter Marketing partners, your company tweets will be among the most engaged in comparison with the rest

twitter marketing
Twitter Marketing

Why You Should Not Leave Twitter Marketing Out

A common misconception is that Twitter will only give you access to an audience that has their own opinions to share, and never really looking to acquire or provide you with business. This, along with many other sobs that failed strategies stick in those that tried by themselves, are just proof that you should be focusing some effort on Twitter.

Combining the traffic from Twitter with the rest of our service offerings, created the perfect powder bomb for success. For instance, having landed on your website from Twitter, after clicking on an information and opinion-wise tweet, a funnel that nurtures such a visitor for retargeting and even addition to your email marketing campaign specifically for such visitors will have given you the equivalent of a person walking into your store and letting you know that they may be willing to buy from you in the future. Were these the days of storefronts only.

Astute Technologies' Twitter Marketing Strategies

Apart from sponsored tweets, which increase your brand awareness among a segment of potential customers carefully picked out for each product or service you offer, we create strategies that make people follow you because you are worth knowing what next you are doing as a company. This could mean creating viral content that effectively makes your company profile a celebrity, to actually partnering with influencers in order to penetrate new markets. None of the tweets that go out will give the impression that we are not intentional, neither will they be routine in such a way that the usually smart user base on Twitter stops paying any attention.


Expect to unleash the power that Twitter has; engaging on a chat level with your most likely to buy again customers. Think of it this way; having a thousand brand ambassadors, all introducing your company to their thousands of friends on a daily basis. The ripple effect starts with you asking just what unique Twitter Marketing strategies we will craft for you equally unique business. So for your social media marketing strategy contact Astute Technologies today!

Twitter Marketing