Trending Web Designs To Follow in 2023

Great Website Design Trends During 2023

Web design is integral to any marketer’s plan, especially in 2023. Your website is the main interface where your clients interact with your brand, regular website maintenance, updating your website and staying on par with leading trends in the digital sphere will keep you relevant and in turn, keep your revenue up. Experimental navigation, kinetic typography and y2k designs are all trends we’re seeing right now and just a few ways an innovative web design company can level up your website!

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Experimental Yet User Friendly Navigation Bars

When talking about experimental navigation we’re talking about subversive navigation patterns. Traditionally, we see an all-caps navigation bar at the top in a sans-serif font but this year we’re seeing a rise in more creative, experimental patterns. These new layouts are meant to increase visual and digital engagement while guiding users to use the site in a specific manner. We love how this is done on Kim Kniepp’s portfolio site with a dynamic menu bar that doesn’t look like a bar at all but rather a table of contents in a paperback. If this is an aspect of your website that feels a little outdated, let our web design company take care of it! 

Kinetic Typography To Make Website Content Stand Out

Kinetic typography is moving text and it’s taking over web design in 2023. It gained momentum in the 60’s and like all trends, has swung back around into popularity today. It was often used for opening titles and can be used in a similar way on your site. This design immediately grabs your reader's attention, directing their eyes to exactly where you want them to look! Use it to highlight important sections and gradually reveal more information. 

It’s an easy way to delight your browsers and may be the key to making them buyers. Web maintenance and redesign go hand-in-hand, when you’ve found your new favourite web design trend, come to Astute Technologies and we’ll bring it to life for you!

Modern Y2K Web Designs

In case you’ve not seen it in today’s clothes, y2k is back! And like all trends that have a trickle-down effect, the aesthetics of the early 2000s has made its mark on digital design. This is what everyone at our web design company is talking about! It’s a playful aesthetic that makes use of colours, contrast, cut-out letters and a scrapbook-type feel. 

We think this web design trend fits companies with a younger audience, the kind of people who were teenagers or children in the early 2000s - phone case companies, cosmetic companies, skincare brands etc. We personally think Olivia Rodrigo’s site does a great job with y2k designs that look aesthetically pleasing and hit home with her audience! At Astute Technologies we can make your y2k-inspired dreams come true too - check out our web design section to see more of what we’ve done before!

Trending Web Designs To Follow in 2023

Using Design Trends To Create Innovative Websites

These are just some of our personal favourite trends in website design this year but as always there is so much more to work with and there is always something new on the scene Trying to keep ahead of all the changing trends in social media, digital marketing and web design is too much for any one person to handle, believe us, we know! Our digital marketing company takes care of every step of your journey to online recognition and a strong digital presence. At Astute Technologies we're more than just a web design company that does web maintenance though, take a look at some of our digital marketing services to see all that we can do for you!