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Surely, sometimes you had to have a feeling that your blog’s audience isn’t growing fast enough or even that it stagnates. You are not alone, it happens to everyone. The main thing for blogs is to put your visitors first. Of course, that’s not always an easy thing to do. Let Astute Technologies help you.

Answer Blog Comments

Sometimes it’s boring, sometimes the comments are annoying – we know that. But you have to do it. At least if you want to see your blog growing. And when we say to answer comments, we don’t just mean answers like “thanks” or similar. Acknowledge your readers. Be thoughtful. Like in real life, try to make conversations and friendships. The result of such behaviour is building a community in your comment section. If you reach that goal, visitors will keep coming back just to say hello. If everything is going as planned, one day you will reach a point when it comes impossible to answer every comment. But until then it is a crucial thing to do, and even after that, try to answer as many comments as you can.

Engage With Other Bloggers

You are not alone in the blog community – remember that! It is very important to engage with other bloggers, and the reason is simple. When you start engaging, you will get more traffic, shares and other types of engagement on your blog. Not only that but when you develop strong, friendly relationships with other bloggers you will alone figure out ways of helping each other. Of course, the question is how to do that. First of all – social networks. Share other people’s (bloggers in the first place) content and try to start conversations in comments. Since we mentioned comments, leave a helpful comment on other blogs. It’s even better if those are personal blogs where the blogger is engaged in responding to the comments. Remember not to promote yourself at the beginning. Just leave helpful comments. You will get noticed, and then the promotion begins. Of course, don’t forget to become part of online communities in your niche. Facebook and Sub-Reddit groups, forums, there is plenty of them. Engage with other bloggers for mutual benefit!

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Growing Your Blog

Use Incoming Links

Incoming links are the thing which tells Google that your blog is important. Incoming links are actually recommendations. The number of incoming links determines your position in Google search. There are a few ways to get them. This is very linked to the engagement with the blog community. Leave your name out there, grow your relationships and the blog will grow.

Blog Design and Look

Design is not the most important thing but it is important. If it’s boring, it will drive people even if the blog content is great. You can purchase a premium theme. Or if you’ve got some money saved, hire a blog designer.

Use SEO To Keep Growing Your Blog

A great number of visitors find you via a search engine. If your search engine optimization is not done well, you are missing a big number of potential visitors. Keywords are the most important. Think about what people might search on Google that could get them to your blog. Use those keywords in your content, titles, meta descriptions etc. Also, use them in the names of your pictures. Put some keyword instead of generic names with numbers and letters. If some of your articles are more visited then others, even if they are old, you could update them. It may take a month or more to see real progress from SEO but it’s worth it! Astute Technologies, the smart digital marketing agency in London are here to help with growing your blog. If you are looking for a content writing agency in London or want an affordable expert SEO company then look no further. Have a look at our services and contact us at or call us on 07368306267. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook to learn more about our affordable web services.