The Importance of Web Maintenance

What Web Maintenance can do for you.

Nowadays, most businesses make use of websites to sell products and services. This has placed increased importance on website design and highlighted the critical importance of website maintenance. Due to the internet’s vast nature, having a well-designed website is no longer enough.

Like anything though, to get to the top one must take the necessary steps. In the case of websites, things are not always as simple as they seem. To have the best chance possible, one will have to use various tools to ensure success.

To compete in a growing global market, one must focus on aspects such as search engine optimisation, AdWords, and backlinking services. Making sure that your website is the first to appear after a search entry is like a race. Your website must be designed and maintained in such a way that when a topic relevant to it is searched, your website goes to the top of the list.

The consequences of poor web maintenance

Poor web maintenance can show itself in various ways such as slow loading pages or damaged links. However, there may be underlying problems such as bugs, potential security loopholes, and the likes.

Poor web maintenance could lead to previously initiated backlinks failing or pay per click services becoming redundant. Other issues could arise such as your website becoming a soft target for hackers or potentially exposing your clients’ details. Many people value their digital privacy and would not appreciate it if their details were exposed and could sue if they trace such intrusions back to your website.

As people educate themselves and obtain an understanding of what to look for, they tend avoid websites which are unsecure as these websites could cause harm to their computers. As a result, a well-maintained website is a must if you would like to keep moving forward in this world.

How to reach us

Astute Technologies is a leading digital marketing agency in London. Using WordPress and eCommerce platforms, we can design the right website for your business. Using tools such as backlinking and search engine optimisation, we can help place your website at the top of search lists. Using Twitter and Facebook,
we can promote your business on social media to attract new customers.

Using AdWords and Pay Per Click services we make your website into a money making machine to help ensure your businesses’ long-term success. If you are looking to update your web pages' content, our content writers know just what to say to bring in customers.

With our experience and expertise, your website will hurtle your business to success and help expand your business ventures. With us, you cannot go wrong. You can reach us at or you can call us at 07368 306 267 or 0207 916 0044.

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How we Do Web Maintenance

Firstly, we evaluate your website – webpage loading speed, if all the links are working and we look at if there are any bugs or coding errors. The updates that your website may need will vary between content updates, security updates, and SSL updates. We also look at your website’s plugins to see if the need to be updated or repaired.

Once we understand what is needed, we will indicate what package is needed to get your website up to date. Sometimes your website will only require some specific updates and such an event, we will provide you with a tailor-made package to resolve your website’s issues.

During the course of this pandemic, there has been an increased demand for web-based businesses. This has also led to an increase in issues such as cyber-security and data privacy. In an increasingly competitive market, web maintenance has become key to a businesses’ longevity.