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WordPress is perhaps the most popular content management platform used to create websites and blogs nowadays. In fact, this website is a custom-created WordPress project created by our team of developers. Not only does it make the process of updating content near effortless for the webmasters at Astute Technologies, but it also comes with a community of developers continuously perfecting plugins that allow us to reach a wide audience in London and beyond. Our web design company is one of the best around for not only web design, but also content writing, SEO, and social media marketing.



Wordpress Development
Wordpress Development

Why You Should Have a WordPress Based Website

To start with, the actual backbone of such a website is provided by its creators on an open-source license. This has led to many developers to create attachments that further enhance any website's capabilities. When given to the capable teams at Astute Technologies, the task to keep your website up to date is carried out on a daily basis, making you better than those websites you've noticed that never seem to change. Our WordPress development team will not only guide you through getting the best WordPress site possible, we can implement great SEO strategies to reach an optimal audience.

What Our London Web Designers Can Do With WordPress

Blog Content Creation and Management, one of the most important pillars of digital marketing and all other inbound efforts, could not be better carried out without WordPress. Therefore, WordPress development allows for your Blog to get truly noticed. The platform also allows you to take part actively in the creation and updating process of content so that your customers read only what is currently on the ground.


Integrating a shop into WordPress-developed websites is so much easier, cost-effective, and fluid compared to having two domains; one for the website and one for the shop side of things. This allows even those visitors that arrive on your landing pages in search of information to solve their problems, to get a glimpse of what you are selling without searching or you spending your PPC budgets.


WordPress is also one of the most secure frameworks on which a website can be built. Your chances of being hacked, while entrusting us with the website, are close to zero. This explains why even other digital marketing agencies favor WordPress. There are instances where you have a website built on pre-existing CMS technology, such as Joomla that should not discourage you from working with us. Our digital marketing team of SEO experts and web designers, will take you through the benefits of either migrating to the most popular and widely supported option, or better yet stick to what you are comfortable with, incrementing with each digital marketing effort in order to make your business a success. Just what you deserve is what you will get.

Wordpress Development