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SEO Marketing Strategies

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The well-known “New Year, new me” mantra thrusts its ideology far beyond our everyday personal lives. So much so, that it’s even quite factual when talking about everyone’s favourite web content subject – SEO.
Search Engine Optimisation is one of the cornerstones of our virtual existence, as it affects all forms and types of content on the web. Thus, it is also vital for all trades, no matter the industry they belong to. It’s ever-changing in its essence, as it upgrades along with technology. In turn, it affects those same trades.
However, Seo experts in London or anywhere else, would not be talking about SEO without the existence of search engines, of course. Their main objective is to serve the right content as a response to a search query, resulting in user satisfaction.
With the coming of every new calendar year, we’re faced with two facts. The first one is the magnitude of evolution all search engines went through since the dawn of the Internet. The second fact is the realization that they’re still in the midst of that evolution.

New trends, New SEO Marketing Strategies & New Implementation Techniques

New trends, new strategies, new implementation techniques, etc. – all of this is of great importance. Not only for those in SEO marketing and the SEO field in general, but also to everyone who uses this amazing power of optimisation to position themselves better on the consumer market.  In order to make it easier and concise, we at Astute Technologies have prepared some tips on this year’s most important SEO strategies and SEO trends, recommended by SEO experts.
Voice Search and BER

Google Analytics have shown that about 50% of all searches are voice-based, and as we go on that percent will only become higher. This allows the rise of hyperlocal searches and long-tail keywords, which in turn strengthens natural language processing and machine learning in general.

SEO Marketing Strategies

When talking about natural language processing, BERT is a newer Google algorithm, yet one of the most promising ones in this field. It is a neural network-based technique for NLP that helps this search engine to understand natural language context on the word-by-word basis through voice searches. This allows Google to deliver better search results than by traditional keyword-based means.
With the incorporation of the BERT algorithm into Google rankings and featured snippets algorithm, Google is one step closer towards intent matching. So when you need search engine optimization in London, contact Astute Technologies, the best SEO agency offering affordable SEO services.

The People’s Content, Content Clusters, and Content Length

With these new implementations of BERT and voice searches, it is recommended that you produce content in a more natural, conversational tone. Focusing around a single keyword of key-phrase will not get you far in this new SEO era. It’s also advisable to include statistics, studies, and surveys into your topic-focused content. Remember, your content is not a machine-based means to an end – it will be read by living, breathing people.
Another amazing way of delivering user-friendly content is by structuring your content into clusters. The main goal of content clusters is to gather different sections of content around specific topics. This will help search engines to understand the core topic and thus rank the page accordingly. It’s very probable that this method will be the future of web design and website creation.
As far as content length is concerned, it is more beneficial to produce longer content. However, that does not mean that you should aim to achieve this by sacrificing structure and focus. Cover the topic to the best of your abilities in a natural, conversational tone, but don’t stretch it out just for the sake of appearances.
Implementing FAQ Pages
Back in May 2019, Google announced new search results for Frequently Asked Questions, not only in search but also for Google Assistant. These search results are designed for pages that provide FAQs and direct answers to a specific topic. By adding this structured form of data, you will be able to assist Google in showing those questions and their respective answers directly within Google Search and Google Assistant.
Ranking Content into Featured Snippets
Often referred to as “Position 0,” featured snippets are those several lines of text that appear above the first organic result after commencing a search, most notably a search that involves prepositions (how, will, are, should, etc.). Their main objective is to deliver a better search result and thus guarantee user satisfaction.
Your goal is to find keywords or phrases which have not yet generated snippets. Also, aim to write more informative and generally better content than your competitors, in order to rank your content into these snippets, and thus improve your website’s Google ranking. You may achieve this by:
Writing shorter sentences
Writing FAQs
Using tabular formats
Using listed and unlisted bullets
Structuring heading tags into a hierarchy
Setting up structured data when possible

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SEO Marketing Strategies