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In the present day, web marketing, online marketing, or digital marketing, call it what you want, but one thing is for certain, this is the current trend that has brought businesses the attention from their target market that is most sought after. At the top of this list for this trend is website creation and this is accessible to just about anyone across the globe. But if a business wants the most attention, creating a website is not enough. What matters most is the content that is being placed on that website.

This is where the next challenge comes in. What kinds of content will you put on your website? You can’t just keep putting pictures or photos in there. We got Instagram or other platforms for that. Videos are good too, but videos alone won’t make the cut as well. We got Youtube and other streaming sites for that. What brings about the increase in attention are the words being placed on a website.

How do you ensure that you are using the right words for your website? That is where SEO writers and Content writers come in. But what is the difference between those two? Which one would you need more? If you are asking these same questions, then read further to find out more from Astute Technologies.

Which Kind of Writer do You Want?

As we all know, Google and other search engines are the “go-to” resource when people go looking for products or services. With this in mind, the primary goal of online marketing is making sure that when a person looks for something, your web site comes up as one of the first few results. Be honest, when have you ever searched for something in Google and reached the third or fourth page of the results to look for the answer? No ordinary person would want to go through that.

These search engines use an algorithm that goes through the content of your website and determines whether it is relevant to the search being made or not. It then ranks every website it finds relevant from the most relevant to the least one. The factor that affects this algorithm is the words being used as content. For example, if someone searches for digital marketing agency in Central London, the results would definitely only be of digital marketing agencies in that area.

But as a business owner, you have to take care of your business and make sure it is operating efficiently and now you have to go crazy and make sure the words you use will put you at top. Well, there is definitely no need to worry, you got writers to do that for you. But not all writers are the same. So the next question that comes to mind is, “What kind of writer do I need or want?”.

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There are generally two kinds of writers in the digital marketing world. A content writer or also known as a creative writer. And SEO writer or Search Engine Optimization Writer. The best way for you to be able to make the choice between the two is getting to know them and what their differences are. So let Astute Astute Technologies describe both from a business perspective and then you can decide which one you would prefer more.

Content Writer

Let us start by getting to know what a content writer is. These are the writers that ensure that your content has no grammatical errors or misspelled words. They keep their eye out for errors that need to be corrected along the way. Coming up with ideas that would relate to the product or service that you offer and put them into words or blogs is the number one task of a content writer.

Just about anyone can be a content writer. All it needs is a good command of the English language and a very keen eye to errors. Content writers also make good copywriters because the content that they create also needs to be original and free from any copyright infringement. But from a business perspective, content writers would come up cheaper when you are hiring one. Because they are generally open to any kind of genre or any kind of content that needs to be made without any kind of specialization.

SEO Writer

From the name itself, SEO or Search Engine Optimization Writer. The primary goal of this kind of writer is to make sure that the content that they make is made to fit the algorithm of search engines for relevance in searches.

SEO writers do everything that a content writer does but on top of all that, they ensure that the words being used in blogs or contents will give the website a better chance at being noticed by search engines as relevant and be shown on the first page of search results. Hiring one would cost a bit more for business owners since these kinds of writers are more specialized and focused on the goal to get the website more attention.

The Right Writer for You

Despite their differences, these two kinds of writers should have one thing prioritized, and that is the users of your website. It is important to make sure that the content on a website stays interesting and filled with the necessary information that users will be looking for. Writers have to make sure that they go through a lot of research and study before even starting to make the content. Because it does not matter how cool or attractive a website is if the stuff in it is not what the users or consumers want to see or know about.

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