Pay Per Click Marketing and Google Adwords

Astute Technologies offers Pay Per Click Marketing and Google Adwords services to help our clients optimise their websites and gain more customers. We are the central London SEO company to go to for businesses across London, seeking help with digital marketing. When you think about marketing, the first thing that should come to mind is getting your product or service noticed. When consumers think of what they need like different kinds of food or necessities at home, certain brands or service providers would instantly come to mind. Making those brands earn more as they are known by consumers more.

With how technology is nowadays, marketing is done online through websites and social media. But how can you be sure that your website gets noticed by people? There are different solutions to this predicament. But they all have one goal in mind. That is to be one of the first few results that appear on search engines like Google when a person searches for something. One way to boost a website’s position in a search engine’s result list is through Pay Per Click and Google Adwords or more commonly known now as GoogleAds.

They might sound challenging at first, but once you get to know how they work, just about anyone will be able to understand how it goes and what needs to be done. That is exactly what we are going to achieve today. Read more to learn more.


How Astute Technologies can Help

As an SEO, Web Marketing, and Website Development company we understand what needs to be done so you can be at ease and focus on what needs to be done for your business to smoothly operate while we handle what goes on online.

We can help you establish Pay Per Click services and even startup with GoogleAds. But our services don’t stop there, if you don’t have a website yet, we can help you create one and more importantly maintain it. We also have SEO experts to make sure your content stays relevant within the categories of your product or service. If you want to know more about our other services, you can find more through this link, https://astutetechnologies.co.uk/services/ .




Pay Per Click Marketing

Let us talk about Pay Per Click first as this may be the simplest one to understand. Right off the bat, the name says it all. It means that you only pay or get paid if people click on an advertisement. This web marketing strategy can work in two ways, you either be the one who pays or the one who gets paid. But the goal remains the same which is being noticed on search engines.

If you are willing to pay to get a boost in your search engine result position, you can make a clickable advertisement and have it posted on famous websites. You don’t pay to have it put up there. You only pay once people click on that advertisement. Thus the name Pay Per Click.

Now if you want to earn from this method of marketing, you will still have to make sure that your website is one of the first few results on search engines. Because then you will be on the opposite side of the one paying as your website will be the one where the advertisement will be put on. And if you are not one of the first things that pop on search engines, then chances are, people won’t even have the chance to click on that ad, thus, no earnings.

Google Ads

Just about anyone knows who Google is and what they are. In the world of business, Google has provided the perfect avenue for marketing. Most if not everyone is online for most of the day and if you don’t know something, you automatically look it up on Google. Making it one of the best ways to get products or services known by people. On top of all that, we have Google Ads.

Formerly known as Google Adwords, Google Ads is an advertising platform made by Google where advertisers pay to display brief advertisements of products, services, or even apps within the Google network and web users.

When you search for different kinds of services or products on Google, notice how some of these results have the word “Ad” displayed on the left side of their URL? That is one of the results of this platform. Since this is paid, and as long as they are highly relevant as well through the help of SEO, they are usually the first results being shown on Google. Thus, granting it more attention from consumers.

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