Guidelines for Building Your Brand on Social Media

Everyone seems to be talking about brands these days. What they are, how to create one, how to protect one, how to make it shine a cut above the rest. This insistence depends on the fact we live in an image-focused world. There are numerous guidelines for building your brand on Social Media. The way you present yourself will make all the difference in the endless sea of competition. So brands are important, we get it. But how do you communicate the best of yourself to the world? Specifically, how do you engage with people on social media platforms? How do you get them to resonate with your brand? Let’s look at some sound guiding principles for this topic.

  • Cater to Your Audience

Never forget that you are writing for someone. All sorts of people might come across your social media accounts, but you’re not writing for “all sorts of people”. You are selling a specific service and this service will have a specific type of customer. Some are going to be very specific, others will have a broader audience. But you should know who that audience is. If you’re writing for a teenager, the content and style of your posts should reflect that. Naturally, you’re going to address middle-aged business men in a very different way. Think about what your customers want, how they feel about things, what their concerns and passions are. And regulate your posts accordingly!

building your brand on social media
building your brand on social media
  • Be Consistent

You might be tempted to think that quantity will win the number game on the web. But you’d be wrong. Modern consumers have developed really high filtering capacities because of the constant bombardment of information they’re subject to. If you post 30 posts a day but they all suck, no one is going to care about your products or services. The sheer amount of content isn’t going to impress anyone, because endless background noise is what they’re used to. What matters more is that you post consistently. It might be only once a day or once a month, but it should be regular. You should train your audience to expect quality, relevant content from you in a consistent manner. The actual amount doesn’t matter as much as the knowledge you will provide.



  • Be Unique

Ok, so maybe you’re rolling your eyes at this one. But before you work yourself up with anxiety thinking you’re really just an average bloke with nothing really exciting going on and you’ll never make it on social media, stop and think about your assumptions of the meaning of “unique”. You don’t need magic fireworks to be unique, you just need to provide your customers with a reason to want to follow your posts. Maybe you’ve go a handy camcorder, make a video about your daily operations at your company or place of employment! Or let your readers in on a little secret of your industry. Tell them a story about how you use your own product in your day-to-day life, if appllicable. It’s the little things that set you apart from the maddening crowd.

building your brand on social media

 Be Human

Yes, you’re selling a product or service. But you’re a human being selling a product or service. You might not think that matters, but it does. We live in a world where there is a lot of social isolation and hyperfocus on material goods and services. People have a real hunger for authentic human connection. So give it to them! Keep it professional, but talk about yourself. Talk about anything from little daily mishaps to funny stories about people in your company. Make sure your readers know them and their personalities. Talk about life. People will respond to that readily.

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