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So you need a creative content writing agency in London? If you are reading this, you probably are thinking about the stuff that goes into your website like SEO or what keywords to use on your website. If that is so, then you have the right mindset that will ensure your website gets noticed. You have definitely clicked on the right thing if you want to know more about the content that should be on your website.

It is not enough to just keep making blogs or write stuff down on your website without thinking if that really should be there. For example, a person can’t keep writing about what happens in their life when the website is showing products for bathroom fixtures. That would make no sense at all.

With the rapid advancements in technology, it gave way to a new professional position which is content writing or content writers. But what is a content writer and how will this help your website? Keep on reading and you’ll surely have the answer.

Content Writing Agency London
Content Writing Agency London

What is a Content Writer

Let us first talk about what a good content writer is. In all honesty, just about anyone can be a content writer. We can all look for subjects related to products or services, then research on that subject and make a blog or content about it. But a good content writer is on a completely different level.

A good content writer always bears in mind the relevance of the subject and output of the entire content towards the website. This means that when creating the content, not only should it be related to what you offer, but ultimately, it should contain the information that people look for. This is what attracts your target the most. Most if not all people would prefer to find what they need or want in one place rather than to be clicking many different pages to find the answer that they want.

Another factor that makes a good content writer is originality. Sure, you can look up different information online and put them into one blog then call it your own. But a good content writer is original to a point where reading the first few lines of content will automatically make people think that they are on the right page. Because when the content is original, it sets it apart from any common information that anyone can find online. 

Versatile Content Writing Services

A good content writer should also be versatile. Content writers can encounter different kinds of topics or subjects and for every subject, the tone or way of writing is different. It is true that some writers may have their own signature writing style and that gets them known. But good content writers do not emphasize on getting their name known, rather, they would prefer having their content known. They adapt to what they need to create and make it fit for the website. Good content writers would even ask their employers for samples of their previous content or they would ask to see everything about your website before even thinking of making content to ensure that what they make would fit perfectly.

Lastly, and probably the most important trait of a good content writer is writing for the people. A good content writer knows how to look at the content that has been made from the perspective of the people that are intended to read the content. Putting together a bunch of information can get confusing, it is a good content writers’ job to be able to organize that in a way that can be understood by everyone. No one would want to read through content that is confusing and disorganized.

Content Writing Agency London
Content Writing Agency London

Astute Technologies, Content Writing Expert in London

Right off the bat, it can be quite difficult to spot a good content writer from just any ordinary writer. Here at Astute Technologies, we understand how Google Rankings, meta descriptions, and SEO works and what you need and we have content writers that have proven themselves to fit in just about any scenario that needs to be met.

We also offer different online marketing or digital marketing services such as SEO, Website creation, Social Media services and more. So if you are in Hoxton, Shoreditch, Old Street, or just about anywhere in London, and need affordable SEO in London, Astute Technologies can help you. Call us at 07440 566 524 / 07440 427 044 or send us an email through You can also follow us at @AstuteTechnologies and @astutetek. Then together, we can get your website noticed.