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With digital marketing being an essential feature of most modern businesses, it can be hard to sift through all the hype and find the truth about what works and what doesn’t. The internet is a wide and busy place, where everyone gets a voice. In some ways, that’s a great thing, but it makes it harder to separate the wheat from the chaff. Here at Astute Technologies we care about the truth more than we care about trends or easy likes. We are an affordable digital marketing company with SEO experts in London. So here are a few myths about digital marketing you best steer clear from if you want a successful business!

  • Content isn’t that important.

Smaller businesses or businesses started sometime last century may think all you need is a good looking, functioning website and your “online marketing” is done. Unfortunately, this may have been true in the early days of the internet, but it is so no longer. Everyone has a website these days. This means that if you want to stand out, you have to go the extra mile and keep up a regular blog with informative content about your niche. The more you engage with the “information” age’s parameters for success, the more likely you are to thrive in the modern market.

  • There are way too many social platforms to keep up with.

Ah yes, the world of social media marketing can be a difficult place for many of those not born with a smartphone in their hands. Social media has taken on an incredible life of its own since its inception and has given a voice to millions of people worldwide in the most varied circumstances. It’s true that social media platforms pop up all the time. It’s also hard to keep up with all the latest trends. But the good news is that you don’t really have to! Different platforms cater to different niches and clientele. If you’re catering to sixteen-year-olds, Snapchat would be your go-to platform; if your clients are going to be middle-aged stay-at-home moms, then perhaps Pinterest might give you more reach. It’s all about learning to be smart with your social media, figuring it out how it can serve you instead of drowning in the sea of its immense potentialities.

Digital Marketing Company
Digital Marketing Company
  • My business is too boring for digital marketing.

Business owners in less-than-glamorous niches often presume that only exciting and trendy modern businesses can really make any use of digital marketing. But this really isn’t true. The reason is that ultimately most people on search engines are looking for services, not glamorous entertainment. A lot of these services are the mundane ones your small business is offering. If you present an informative, professional website and your social media presence is good, your online persona can have an impact on many potential customers. With some careful thinking, even mundane activities can be marketed online in an impactful way.

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